Welcome to Marianello

Marianello's mission is to honor the Sangers' Italian heritage by producing world class wines and olive oil. Our Cielo Rubio is inspired by the great Super Tuscan red blends and Estelle Bianco, our white blend, is an homage to the great white wines being made in Northern Italy.

The Sanger family estate property contains not only the vines destined to provide grapes for the Marianello wines, but there is also a 11 acre olive grove where we grow the olives used in the Marianello Lucca olive oil.

The Sanger Vineyard and Olive Farm is one of the only olive groves in the United States exclusively planted to the Lucca variety. This variety was developed at UC Davis specifically to thrive in the California climate. The olives are hand harvested and pressed into a medium-bodied oil with a light, grassy flavor, making it the perfect oil to enhance, not overpower food.