2012 Marianello Estelle Bianco

Even though the weather is a little unpredictable, the wine you drink doesn't have to be. Pair this crisp white with a delicious seafood meal, a garden salad on the patio, or have a nice glass while chatting with friends. With this white, you can't go wrong no matter what the mood or occasion. With hints of guava and honeydew, transport yourself back to that island vacation you were hoping to take and make it a stay-cation.

Our 2012 vintage of the Estelle Bianco blend is a refreshing, white blend. A perfect compliment to a variety of dishes from seafood, turkey burgers and to balance out some spicy dishes as well. 55% La Presa Sauvignon Blanc, 18% Estelle Vineyard Loureiro, 15% Estelle Vineyard Verdelho, 7% Estelle Vineyard Grenache Blanc and 5% La Presa Vineyard Chardonnay.

288 cases